our tools

We use the same methodologies as all qualitative research agencies. We do long and short focus groups, in-depth interviews, paired or triad interviews, ethnography, observation, on-line bulletin boards and so on – whatever is most appropriate for the job at hand. It’s what we do in interviews, what we look for, and how we go about getting it that makes us different.

Our tools are important to us
We have developed and honed them over many years, and picked the best of what we’ve learned to create our own ways of generating the insights we need. We use our tools to stimulate stories, because humans are natural storytellers.

We tell stories all the time about ourselves, our world and the things around us – including brands. Our stories reveal who we are, how we see the world, and why we do the things we do. We get people in to the right frame of mind for storytelling through relaxation exercises.

We go way beyond the verbal
We work with images, metaphors, and collages. We use imagination techniques, visualisations, guided memory, idealisations and projective techniques using validated archetypal photosets.

We immerse ourselves in a topic
We look at a category and brand history, we go and buy it, use it, experience it. We analyse the data rigorously and with an open mind.
We stew over it and look at it in different ways until – out of chaos, into clarity – the insights reveal themselves.