what we do

We apply emotional and archetypal thinking to all our studies, because it is relevant to every aspect of the human experience.
We are happy to work with our clients on any research task. Most typically, we are involved in:

  • Category insight: What symbols and meanings are relevant to us?
    What are our associated metaphors? What role/s do our brands and products play? What buying and usage behaviour applies to us?
  • Consumer insight: What are our consumers’ rational and emotional needs and motivations?
    What are their personal brand stories? Who are they? What drives them? How do they buy, use and talk about products and brands? What are their attitudes and perceptions?
  • Brand insight: What is our brand’s archetypal story? Identity? Emotional purchase drivers? Positioning and platforms? User image?
  • Communications insight: Is our communications hitting the mark?
    Does it get across the right message? Does it attract symbolically and emotionally? Does it tell the right story? What needs to be done to improve its impact?
  • Packaging insight: Does our packaging communicate the right messages, both emotional and rational/functional? Does it contain the right images and symbolic cues?
  • Concept testing: Does our concept generate interest and meet a consumer need?
    What is its usage context? Does it fit with the brand? Does it have market relevance? What’s working? What’s not? What needs to be done?
  • Cross-cultural studies: How are consumers different or similar in their needs? Is our brand image relevant and appropriate? Does it respond to communications across different cultures? What are the universal versus cultural specific insights?
  • Topical studies: How do people respond to and feel about a particular topic of interest? What do they fear?
    What are their attitudes and perceptions, and how strongly are they held?