Combining time-honoured qualitative traditions and expertise with the next generation of qualitative insights

Feminine Archetypes

We specialise in finding the heart of your female target audiences.

By applying our unique approach to understanding women we can help transform the way you target, engage and connect with female audiences to improve your brand’s performance and sales.

We know that female audiences are often misunderstood and too narrowly defined to really hit the spot when it comes to marketing to them. Their identities are diverse and ever-changing, making it difficult for brands to keep up.

That’s why Alchemy’s here to help…

AI Qualitative

We are at the forefront of the emerging field of qualitative AI.

With this approach, we can scale up qualitative samples to thousands quickly and cost-effectively.

Even better, our research has shown people can be extremely forthcoming and share deeply sensitive and personal experiences through this method.

Partnering with Human Listening, we use this new hybrid qual-quant methodology that harnesses the latest in AI technology to provide deeper, broader and quantifiable insight for your qualitative questions.

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