Highly skilled and experienced

After 30+ years of studying human behaviour through qualitative research, we’ve learnt what matters most about people when it comes to explaining who we are and why we do what we do. Using the toolbox of techniques we built and refined over the years, we unravel the complex layers of human behaviour to provide you with meaningful insights and answers to all your qualitative research questions. We aim to deliver qualitative research that delivers meaning and understanding for informed decision making.

We view consumers, their behaviour and choices through the lens of the holistic trio: humanity, culture and individuality.

We have developed an approach for each level

How we go about it

process circle


  • It’s iterative from the go. We analyse, modify, adapt and build on our hypotheses as soon as we start interviewing.
  • We take a systematic approach to analysis: Heuristics, thematic and content analysis.
  • Language analytics.
  • We acknowledge our own biases and potential interviewer influence.
  • We interpret not just describe our findings.


  • Our aim is to provide meaningful and actionable insights that give you clear understanding, can make a difference to your consumer activity and provide a pathway for what to do and where to go from here.


  • We put a lot of thought into study design: why, who, what, how and when.
  • We consider the broader context of what might be influencing the topic and audience.
  • We consider appropriate models of thinking.
  • We consider all qual methods, on their own or combined, e.g: on-line or in-person focus groups, in-depth interviews, bulletin board, ethnography, observation or Qual AI.


  • We always look beyond the surface for deeper meaning and underlying significance.
  • We use interviewing skills built over many years.
  • We incisively probe and ladder what we hear, see and sense.
  • We use our toolbox of projective, image, storyline and other techniques designed for delving deep into emotional and hidden territory.

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