Alchemy's teaming up with Evolved Thinking!

Alchemy and Evolved Thinking brings quantitative and qualitative research expertise into a single unified capability.

There are few truly expert qualitative agencies left.  Not only is Alchemy one of these, it is partnering with Evolved to apply these deep skills to the new world of artificial intelligence, opening up new opportunities to engage with thousands of consumers qualitatively in a way never possible before.

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Tracey Rankin is an experienced market researcher and principal of Alchemy Research & Insight.

Tracey is a highly skilled qualitative researcher with over 30 years experience. She has interviewed thousands of people from all walks of life, in over 20 countries, on various topics for well-known local and global brands. She has developed a deep understanding of human behaviour and how this can be applied to marketing. Her expertise lies in uncovering human patterns and what really drives and makes people tick.

We are excited to offer our new archetypal approach to brand marketers, providing them with a unique perspective and powerful tool to understand and connect more closely with their target audience.

Tracey is also keenly interested in emerging technologies and has embraced the hybrid methodology of qualitative AI. We’re constantly experimenting and pushing the boundaries of what we can ask and what we can do with this technology. We’re excited about the ability to deliver a truly qual-quant measure for the first time and putting solid numbers to qualitative insight.

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